Pinhole Photography Workshop

National Camera Exchange

Pinhole Photography

Sunday, April 28 at Silverwood Park

St. Anthony, 2500 Cty Rd E West
Minneapolis, MN 55421 Phone: 763-694-7707

Make your own photo using traditional or digital pinhole methods! Plus, learn about the history, cameras and techniques used for pinhole photography!

TWO SESSIONS: 11am to 1pm or 2pm to 4pm ADMISSION: Adults $25, Children: $15

Each session will include an introduction and brief history. Three work stations will be set up for you to make your own pinhole photo! While cameras are provided, you may bring your own digital SLR to use.

One:Make a pinhole & mount in a pre-drilled lens cap.*

Two:Make exposure and develop in darkroom.

Three:Receive copy of print via scan or email!

To register, call 763-546-6831

*If using your own digital SLR, please specify lens brand when registering so we can make you a pre-drilled lens cap.